April 2017

This one moment

Sometimes you don’t know what’s happening, but you feel that it’s something special.


The Place we’ve met

As an hobby artist I was thrilled to see the Louvre from inside. It’s an impressive building with a lot of great stuff, whereas I have to admit that I was especially excited about the crowns and jewels.

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is the most famous artwork in the whole world. It was painted by Leonardo da Vinci around 1500. It’s beautiful, but during my visit I was obviously distracted by a living beauty.

“Will we see each other this evening?”

“Most propably not. I am just 17 ;-)”

For Rosemarie

Dear Rosemarie, we’ve met around Eastern at the Louvre in Paris. You said that you are 17 and that you’re from North Carolina/Kentucky. I told you that I am James Bond, but that you can call me Jake. I think if you are the girl I mean, you will remember me and hopefully send me an e-mail via the form on this website. I just cannot forget how charming you were

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The E-Mail Form

Please write me a mail, if you are the girl I am searching for. As there might be some spam mails, please leave a short information where’ve met exactly and some other details, so I can differentiate between you and other originators. If you are not single, please leave a short note as well, in this case I would not take any further steps. Promised.